Monday, December 8, 2008

Suicide Cases In Bengbu

There were attempts of 4 Suicide Cases, due to mental torture form the admission director
Pervaiz Iqbal.

We have removed the Comments and full story form the students at their own request.

For full story you can contact them.

Maryam Khalid :
Sajid Shah

For Further Reading please check.

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2nd of Bengbu Medical College Recognized Hospital.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Start Blowing Crackers. BBMC not in list of WHO for foreign students........

no still if you study here as a foreigner in english your degree wont be accepted by WHO. due to 1) By who list this college is not allowed to have foreign students.
2) Who has a proper curriculum according to which the program must go on. but in bbmc the program is running without any syllabys and without any proper policies formulated.
3) first year is being completed in 6 months. which is not according to WHO
4) the semester can be shortened as liked by Iqbal.
5) the syllabus presently completed almost full bookanatomy= all except neuro anatomybio = fullhisto = fullembryo = full.
so you can guess that how can such adhock based institute be recignized by WHO.

Hayyy what about PMDC and BBMC

Well even according to general knowledge no college is in link with PMDC except some real big institutes like Xian Dalian . or Xhingiang but even then they are not recognized by PMDC. So its almost impossible for such a low graded college which is having no teachers at present time , three teachers left coz of Iqbal. and almost 30 sudents and all the foreign students except Pakistani have left the college and their agents have cancelled the contract with the college ..... then how is it possible that such a college is recognized or even is link with pmdc.... Ya but there is a link with HEC of pkistan . that during such reports of college the HEC via Geo news email told the students to stop the program at once as its not even recognized by anything. That was why the ISlamabad embassy didnt allowed any visa with this college. But the karachi embassy allowed as they were birbed by pervaiz and he took almost 12,000 Rs per person. No this college is not recognized by PMDC. Its out of the questing we have been sitting here since 4 months and there is no theacher and no one to start a study progam here. People are dieing here 4 suicide attempts due to that bloody pervaiz and his abuseing program his fine progam and misinforming the parents. He has no respect for anyone he is just a buisness man ans wants to make extra money. Everything wirtten above is true its 6 months now and still we are sitting like ducks. First sir pankhaj came and he left and now the chinese . pankaj told us that the professor tells me to abuse some slective sudent as they are trouble makers hence I cant continue this type of rubbish education. When one studeint tried to commit suicide with a note the pervaiz is responsible for alll this. All the students gatherd against in rage and anger and started a bicot against his so called self study classes and his abusing and his illegal fine collection …. He made a false case against the 2 students that they were involved in terrorist activities with laskar-e-taiba hence they were expelled form the college . followed by more students. One balme on girl was that when she commited suicide, her family was told that she drink alcohol with his boyfriend and now is making false imperssion due to her bad character. Since then all the students were told to submit a stamp paper in which every thing was wirtten the way pervaiz told. And he told that you have to write that you were involved in activities against chinese and you are sorry . but in reality there was no such thing. He only used this statement to black male the students which he is still now. In reality please don't come here even if you are told to come here on scholarship. Even a dog in pakistan has more better that what we are facing here. You can ask any student in this college. But the agents only quartab (as all the other countries agents have called back their students) are still saying that the situating is best and it's a trust worthey palce just to make money. Even when students asked that we want migrating to some other college pervaiz said that you are here on scholarship basis and if you want to leave you have to pay 1.5 million Rs to chinese and then get migrated. But the chinese say we have no concern with you. Back in pakistan we were told that you would be having cannadian teachers and foreign teachers and you can get migrated to any university in usa or in uk or cannada but after coming here he denied everything. Mr.pervaiz is running this operatin with adhock basis. There is nothing according to chines rules and regulating . pervaiz as having no proper skills to behave with students and hence in jepodizing all the program. On bais of pre openion this program may get closed, if some proper measurements are not made. Yeah man don't come here if ye want to com here than please come here if ye are sick of world. And you become CID of pervaiz . As they have access to eveyone room locker everything. They can do anything. And they are just students. Like us . biggest tattas of papa. Expecially sameed. Pervaiz want to take controle over all the students and hence he made CID including some of our students. He gave them recorders and some gadgets to record all the activities of students hence to keep an upper hand upon students. In general he is a absent minded and thinks form his *** which is very big hence he gets such a good ideas fom it. And still present day he is doing the same. Hay the funniest stuff papas three most hated students albash,maryam and hira escaped form the college. 5 students helped them today to get out as everyone hates pervaiz. He reported this case and all the five students were released form police as they said it's the right of students to leave whenerver they want . but pervaiz threatened the students that he would get them arrested are send them back to pakistan if they don't pay 4,000$ ……… the studets got so much terrified they paid the fee ………… What is more bad than this. Well the latest news the college in on self study for foreign students as the teachesr have escaped again. this is the third time. and chinese are not sending the chinese teachers for study as they say it Iqbals project and last time he didnt paid for any chinese teachers. He just want to run program with no expendituere but profit

Overall Summar of Bengbu Medical College.

Well after wasting about 8 months here. We have come up with the following summary of College.

1) There is no curriculum of the college.
2) Everything is under pervaiz iqbal.
3) Chinese don’t take interest in our affairs as pervaiz don’t want them in his work.
4) College for foreign students is running on adhock basis.
5) No proper curriculum according to chinese rules.
6) Every thing is decided by mr.pervaiz and his fellows(which are the students loyal to him)
7) Even the announcements and news which are placed on notice boards are not made form the chinese and don’t have the college stamp .
8) The syllabus can be extended or shortened according to mr. pervaiz.
9) Chinese deny giving us any internet facilities as pervaiz adresses them , that the students may contact some terrorist organizations.
10) More that 2 teachers have left inculding a well experienced teachers Mr. Pankaj who is administrator of Henan Medical University.
11) Teachers are told by pervaiz to victimize students whome he don’t like.
12) If anyone don’t follow the rules made by pervaiz he is fined heavily. 100 to 200 $ per head.
13) In case of no teachers students are forced to sit for more than six hours a day and sometimes even during late night .
14) Pervaiz is has a very bad attitude for all pakistanies due to some personal unlikeness.
15) More than 25 students have left the college due to such and even more reasons.
16) All the agents of students except pakistanies have cancelled their contract with pervaiz.
17) Pakistani agents “Quartaba” are the buisness partners of pervaiz here they brain washing all the students in pakistan that its really a investing worthy place.
18) Pervaiz has a very abusing behaviour towards all the students, he abuses their families their action infront of whole of the class. Including girls as he has no respect for women being a cannadian.
19) Even if we tell the chinese about the abusing behaviour of pervaiz . they say that he has already paid for your calss room and your hostel rooms hence he has all the right .
20) No proper education system, no confirmed teachers.
21) The college has full faculty but only for chines course.
22) People in other countries make mistake when they hear or read that the faculty is good. The foreign student stuyd is done as a separate project form the chinese college under adhock rules of pervaiz. College only provides the class and hostel accomodating and assistance in case of visa extension.
23) His such actions have already been reproted in cannadian news paper (his bribing everything then blackmaling) GAZzET in 2007.